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Pricing Plans

We have three very keenly priced, powerful options that will deliver consistently outstanding results for your business.  

Answers to Your Questions

How can CheckWom™ be so cost-effective?

Because of the way the platform works we have very low overheads.  We aim to pass any savings we have on to you the customer.  We aim to provide an excellent service but also give an outstanding ROI so that you remain with us on an ongoing basis. Our customer’s success is our success. 

Do I have to remain with CheckWom™ for a specified period of time?

CheckWom™ works on a monthly recurring subscription basis.  The cost is convienetly paid monthly and this never changes. You can cancel at any time.  All we ask is one month’s notice.   You are not tied into any long term contracts with CheckWom™

How long does it take CheckWom to start working?

The beauty of CheckWom™ is you can start to see results almost immediately.  Another aspect of the platform is that the longer you let it run the stronger it gets, exponentially so. As with everything CheckWom™ its designed to deliver strong results whilst being ultra cost effective.

Why do you only list 1% of businesses?

We wanted to create a platform that was exclusive and that worked all of the time.  For that to happen you cannot list everyone. We have calculated that there is a ceiling on the amount businesses that can be listed on CheckWom™ so that the platform remains optimised and at its strongest. This is approximately 2% of all businesses currently in operation, so to be absolutely sure we have halved this amount, i.e the 1%.  It is, for this reason, we offer CheckWom™ on a first come first serve basis, with existing customers always getting preference over new. 

Will CheckWom™ set up everything for me?

Yes, we will set up everything with a little help from you. Once you subscribe you will be asked for some basic info regarding your business. This will then be fine-tuned at head office before being shown to you for approval. Once this is complete, we launch and you reap the benefits. Your success is our success so we will always go the extra mile to ensure that the whole process is as effective and seamless as possible for you.

Let's Work Together!

If you need any help we are on hand to answer any queries that you have.