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About CheckWom™

See how CheckWom™ works and how it can cost-effectively advertise and market your business in a uniquely powerful way.

We Know What Works

CheckWom™ is a marketing & advertising company serving customers throughout the UK, Ireland and very soon the US. We are a team of highly experienced personnel who came together to create something new.  Our aim was to supply an exceptionally cost-effective package that delivers very potent service by combining the tried and tested ultra-powerful marketing and advertising medium that is “Word Of Mouth” with cutting edge algorithmic search and share platforms.  The name of this? CheckWom.  How it performs?  Outstanding…

We advertise your business by getting people talking about your products, services & reputation so that your business is recognised as one of the leaders in its field. When businesses have the opportunity to share their offerings to a larger audience this inevitably leads to better outcomes, i.e more sales, increased leads and of course greater brand awareness.  Not only is our service unique, exclusive, robust and very flexible but we can also offer it for an exceptionally cost-effective £89.95 per month.  For this, you get a lot of traction…

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Our Focus Is Your Business

We use a very potent mix of traditional and cutting edge methods that combine to create a unique and powerful form of advertising and marketing that is suitable for all business sizes.  As a by-product, it will also boost your search engine rankings.  CheckWom™ achieves this by using our unique WomPlat™ system, several unique algorithms, and an exclusive listing platform.  When these components all work in unison the results are astounding.

CheckWom will only ever list and work with 1% of existing businesses at any one time.  The reason? So that the platform remains exclusive, not oversubscribed and continues to work exceptionally well all of the time for all of our clients.

So how does it work you ask? Well, when your business starts to use our service we begin by creating a listing for the business on the CheckWom™ platform.  Listed here will be a concise and exceptionally search engine friendly description of your business.  It will have as much photographic and video content that is required (there are no limits), location services, social media links, contact information, and a very powerful review platform if you desire.

We then pass the listing to the WomPlat (word of mouth platform) which, at any one time consists of a minimum of 2000 handpicked people who work for us by posting your business’s CheckWom™ link on all of their social media profiles in a very specific and controlled way. It’s at this stage the really interesting and exceptionally powerful part starts to happen…

Increased Sales, Leads, Interactions, and Traction

The link for your business that our WomPlat™ personnel post will be placed into a piece of relevant conversation that will not resemble an advertisement but instead is formulated so that will it pique peoples interests so that they take a look.  It is also designed in such a way that when people read it they will feel that it’s worth sharing.  We do this by creating a small piece of very subtle,  innocuous but honest information regarding your business. This link gets shared and re-shared many times because 1.  it doesn’t resemble an advertisement 2. it’s very subtle and 3. when people read or see it because of the way the system is set it can only have come from someone they know or are acquainted with therefore there is an inbuilt element of trust. When a minimum of 2000 people are working like this,  and each of those 2000 have a minimum of 500 contacts, if just 3% of these people re-share and then 3% those new people also re-share, very quickly,  in just two small steps a minimum of 500,000 people will have had access to your listing.  With this amount of traffic hitting your listing and subsequently arriving at your website 1. You start to receive lots of new sales, leads, queries etc, 2. Your ranking on all search engines increases dramatically and 3. your business’s social media profiles also receive a very significant boost.

The Outstanding Long Term Benefits To Your Business!

So all is good, you are getting lots of sales, new queries,  interactions, and your social media channels are thriving which is great for right now, however, there is also a very import, long term process taking place.  Because of all of the direct traffic coming to your business via CheckWom™, our unique algorithms,  the massive amount of social media sharing and of course a little CheckWom™ magic means that within a very short period of time, when people search your business type the CheckWom™ listing for your business will start appearing in the first three results of all search engines.  As a by-product of this, your own website will also start to dramatically rise in rank.   For good measure, we repeat this whole process 2-5 times per month and as each month passes your business’s grip on the market becomes stronger and stronger thus cementing its place in the top results of all of the search engines whilst simultaneously generating massive exposure for your business.  More exposure, more sales.  It’s simple but clever.  When you consider that all of this happens for less than £90 per month which is a fraction of the cost that it would take to achieve similar results with Google, Facebook, SEO houses, or any other advertising, marketing or SEO method (in excess of £1000 for similar results). You can see why CheckWom™ is changing business advertising for a select few. 

Look At What We Do

And all for £89.95 per month.

Increase Of Relevant Traffic

Using our unique system your website or online presence will receive thousands of unique visits per month. These will be from potential customers specifically looking for your type of product or service. On average, to generate similar amounts of traffic using traditional advertising methods would cost twenty times as much.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Because of the algorithms we use, our Word Of Mouth platform and the way we set up your account, your search engine ranking will increase for your website with almost immediate effect. So not only are you receiving a lot of traffic to your business, but you are also futureproofing it too.

Feature Rich Listing

The feature-rich listing you receive on the CheckWom™ platform is without any constriction. You can have as many images or video content that you like which we will set up for you. In fact, the platform is that strong if you don’t already have a website it can quite easily be your sole online presence required.

Clever Use Of Your Budget

We are good at what we do and getting the most from your budget will be paramount for us. Your account will be set up in the most efficient way possible with the proviso we provide the greatest return for you for the small investment you make. We will optimise all aspects and make sure that nothing is left to chance so your business flourishes.

Incredible Traction For Your Business

When using the unique CheckWom™ platform you will see an increase in social media interaction, website interaction and positive brand awareness. This we guarantee! When these facets are in place this naturally leads to increased sales and that’s always welcome.

An Exclusive Platform

CheckWom™ will only ever list 1% of businesses. This coupled with the massive amount of exposure our platform gets means that when you list with us you will be part of a very exclusive, beneficial club. Because of this, you can rest assured that when you list with us you will get outstanding results.

Let's Work Together!

Time to let CheckWom work with your business and avail of the most cost-effective and robust advertising, marketing and SEO service currently available.